Testosterone For Men

At DIvine IV and Wellness we are proud to offer two services for Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy. 

Our Medical Provider will be able to provide you with the most desirable method of increasing your levels in a safe and responsible manner.

We offer Male Pellet therapy in partnership with Evexipel. Evexipel's Hormone Pellets are bio identical and excepted by your body as its own. So no synthetic product are put in your  body with this therapy.

We also offer Testosterone Shots. Popular with men already this method provides a synthetic form of the hormone injected into your muscle most often once a week. If you are already on Testosterone Replacement Therapy elsewhere or are interested in becoming a new Patient of Divine IV and Wellness Please give us a call. 480-488-9858


Our program works like this:

Step ONE:  set up an appointment for a lab draw (every person needs a copy of their labs)

Step TWO: Set up an appointment for a Lab Consult ($150) usually a week after lab draw.

Step THREE: You and the Medical Provider will decide on the best treatment option to help you feel great!

Step FOUR: Schedule your treatment, if you get pellets, you will come in every 5-6 months for the procedure

if you decide to go with the shots then you will be enrolled into our T Shot Club Membership, for more information about this membership check out our membership page! 

Please continue reading for valuable information about Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

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